Pennywise: the Story of IT Trailer Documentary Set for July

A few months ago we announced to you that Pennywise: the story of it –a documentary by directors John Campopiano (Unearthed and unknown: the path to Pet Sematary) and Christopher Griffiths – Leviathan: the Hellraiser story) – will be broadcast this summer on TVOD platforms such as Apple, Prime Video, Google and VUDU, as well as on the horror streaming channel Screambox. We now know that the VOD and streaming release is scheduled for July 26th, which will be preceded by a limited airtime starting on July 8th! With this information about the release date, a trailer for the documentary will be revealed, which you can see in the embed above.

Pennywise: the story of this includes

Interviews with many of the key players behind Pennywise, as well as an examination of the making of computer films, including casting, production and practical effects.

Campopiano produced Pennywise: the Story of it starring Gary Smart, Adam Evans, Michael Perez and Hank Starrs. Laurence Gornall, Brady William Dorman, Michael Leavy and Jason Leavy serve as executive producers.

Yolanda Macias, content director at distributor Cinedigm, made the following statement:

From red balloons to yellow rain jackets, the groundbreaking miniseries has pushed the boundaries and continues to shape the genre to this day. In addition, three decades after its release, he and the child-eating clown Pennywise scare viewers of all ages. We are looking forward to taking horror fans on this terrible journey back to the not so sleepy city of Derry.”

The story, of course, began with the epic novel by Stephen King, which was first published in 1986. You can get a copy of the novel at this link.

Are you a Pennywise fan and will you watch this documentary after watching the trailer? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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