Hbo Has Ordered Joss Whedon’s Sci-Fi Drama Nevers to Series

Attention Whedonites, your young Joss Whedon has just brought his new Science Fiction series The NEVERS for a series order from HBO. Described as a Sci-Fi epic about a gang of Victorian women encountering unusual abilities, ruthless enemies and a Mission that could change the world, this new adventure seems to be the perfect recipe to get Fans to drink the Whedon-flavored Kool-Aid again. As part of the deal, Whedon will be a writer, director, executive producer and Showrunner for The NEVERS.

HBO Programming Director Casey Bloys said about the upcoming project: “We have long been fans of the incredibly talented and prolific Joss Whedon, and we can’t think of a better project than “The Nevers” to add him to the HBO family.”Bloys added “”We are looking forward to meeting the strange and multifaceted characters of “The Nevers”, learning their stories, seeing them in action and sharing them with our viewers. We are honored that Joss has chosen HBO to build his ambitious new world, and we can’t wait to get started.”

As far as we know, the NEVERS had many eyes on them before HBO stepped in and tore the new series on other networks willing to host the show, including Netflix.

“Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited,” Whedon said in a statement. “The Nevers is perhaps the most ambitious story I’ve ever done, and I can’t think of a better destination than HBO. Not only are they masters of the long cinematic form, but their direct understanding of my strange and intimate epic was as emotional as it was impetuous. It’s been too long since I’ve created a whole new fictional world, and the HBO team offers not only the scope and the experience, not just the “Prestige”, but a passionate collaboration. I can go on, but I can’t wait to say it, I still have work to do.”

Victorian women with unusual gifts, you say? Partly, I’m downstairs. After all, Whedon has proven time and again that he is a master of television entertainment with programs such as BUFFY the Vampire Slayer, ANGEL, Dollhouse and Dr. HORRIBLE’s Sing Along BLOG. With the freedom that HBO will undoubtedly give him for the NEVERS, we can take a look at Whedon’s most distant project to date. Does he still have the right things? We will find out.

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