George R.r. Martin on New Game of Thrones Prequel Series

As HBO moves ever closer to a future without Game of Thrones, the network is moving the pieces to make sure they don’t stay long without the world of Westeros. Last week, HBO placed a pilot order for a Game of Thrones prequel that will be broadcast thousands of years before the main series and will record “the descent of the world from the Golden Age of Heroes to its darkest hour”. And one thing is for sure: from the terrible secrets of the history of Westeros to the true origins of the white walkers, from the secrets of the East to the stars of legend-this is not the story we think connaître.La Jane Goldman, co-author of Kingsman: THE Golden CIRCLE, is taking the lead of the pilot.

It’s an exciting time, and George RR Martin recently visited his blog to comment on the developments, stating, “What we have here is a pilot order, not a serial order so far. Of course, we all hope that it will follow.”The author then gave more details about the next driver:

Yes, it’s a prequel, not a sequel. None of the GAME of THRONES characters or actors will appear in the new series. All the sequels we have developed are prequels, as I said earlier. This one really puts the prequel in a prequel, because it’s not ninety years before GAME of THRONES (like Dunk & Egg) or a few hundred years, but ten thousand years (well, assuming the oral traditions of the first men are correct, but there are some Maestre on the Citadel who claim that it’s only half of that time). O

f course, we are very far ahead with the pilot order we just received, so we don’t have a director, a cast, a location or even a title yet. (My voice would be the long night that says everything, but I would be surprised if we ended up there. More likely, HBO wants to use the phrase “game of thrones” somewhere. We’ll find out sooner or later).

This project is just one of five possible Game of Thrones prequels being developed by HBO, but George RR Martin now says one of them has been put on hold. What will happen to the further development of the Jane Goldman pilot project of the other projects? Well, Martin doesn’t think they’re dead and that the other three Game of Thrones prequels, each at different times and with different characters and storylines, are still in the works. “Everything I’m told suggests that we may be able to film at least one more pilot and possibly more than one in the coming years,” Martin said. “After all, we have a whole world and tens of thousands of years of history to play with. But this is television, so nothing is certain. And before you ask yourself, none of this prevents Martin from finishing his work on “Winds of Winter”, which the author says remains his top priority.

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